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2-Way SMS

Simple and easy for usage 2-WaySMS

SOfastSMS platform allows you send bulk or

single SMS messages and receive SMS

in your  SMS Account.

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Free SMS Target



 SOfastSMS has 83 million Nigerian active GSM

 phone numbers arranged according to States

 and Local Government Area in Nigeria. We also

 have numbers by different categories like:

 Youths, parents, religion.

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SOfastSMS Reseller System is an Online

Business opportunity that offers you

an incredible opportunity to make a

BIG fortune as a Reseller.

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Email Marketing

Send direct promotional emails to convert

people to customers or persuade existing

customers to buy again. Create awareness

for a new brand, product or cause via email.

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SOfastSMS Shortcode Delivers a Professional

and Easy Way To Profit Consistently From The

125 Million Mobile Phone Users in Nigeria.

An Awesome Service with Maximum Returns.

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Voice SMS

Voice broadcasting solutions allow you to quickly

and efficiently reach thousands of people at

once with your message, reducing costs and

increasing your campaigns productivity.

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